Do you work at-home?

Yes, at-home or wherever the bride chooses to prepare herself.
The ideal workplace should have natural light, a stand or table, electricity and a mirror.

What happens after our first contact through the contact form?

You will receive your budget and conditions in detail, regarding the required service, as well as when we are available. Everyone receives the same information and prices, but the final cost will depend upon your choices. After this initial contact we will start the booking process.

How can I book?

Many brides book us a year and half in advance so we don’t recommend that you wait to the very last to book us. The only way to guarantee that we will be available is through a signed contract and a deposit of 30% of the total cost. If you cancel the service the deposit won’t be refunded.

Can I make a trial session before my appointment?

Yes, of course, but you will either have to do your trial session with a long advance or you will have to do two trials (be aware that only one trial session is included in the bride’s make/hair up budget. Each additional trial is priced separately.)

What if someone is interested in the same date and time?

It is common to work with more than one bride per day, but in case of overlapping the first to formalize the reservation will get the spot.

When should I make the trial session?

Usually we advise to make it a month or a month and half prior to the wedding, but occasionally is necessary to adjust it accordingly.

Should I bring something specific to the trial session?

You can bring some inspirations so that we can understand what type of bride you are: photos of the dress, of the bouquet, of make up styles you like, of the environment.. these are always welcome, though it is important the bride understand that each face is a face and there is no a “one size fits all” in make-up. We ask for brides to come dressed in light colors (white and low-cut preferably).

Can I request the service for the whole day?

Yes, although given our schedule our service might have to be guaranteed by a member of our staff – it will depend upon our availability (our budget is also given regarding our availability and the chosen date).

Do you have a hairstyling service?

Yes! We always do hair and makeup to our brides

Is there a possibility of doing make up to other people for the wedding?

Yes, as long as it is booked in advance and that those people are in the same place as the bride.

If the people we invited are hosted somewhere else is it possible for you to go there to do their make up/hair?

It depends from the availability; it might have to be done byJenny’s Team of artists

What is the airbrush?

The airbrush is a kind of small compressor that sprays make up on the face – this type of make up is different from the conventional.

Is airbrushing makeup than the conventional make up?

No,  airbrush is a device that allows a different application. It is neither better nor worse; I advise it in some situations, in others I don’t. The technique, knowledge and choices are the ones that make a difference. The secret is in those who apply it.

Should I get  a facial before the wedding?

It depends. Do you really need to do it? Are you used to doing it? Do you keep an appropriate skin beauty day care routine? Those are the questions you have to ask yourself..and then think about the skin cleansing. If you decide upon it (nothing against!) do it two months before the wedding in a trustworthy place.

What’s a mini facial?

It is a quick skin treatment that mainly allows to access your skin’s condition to help you on your daycare routine and it is also important because it helps me to determine which cosmetic products to use to get the best results!

What is male make up (male grooming)?

It mainly consists of a skin correction, dark circles and puffiness. It is a very natural type of makeup, totally unnoticeable and comfortable that will make all the difference in the photographic work and video.