Here nothing is left unattended. Our team has a passion not only for make up and hair but also for brides and their world. This link connects us, we think the same way and we share not only bonds of blood and friendship but above all we share a very similar aesthetic vision, so we are a team that works with a mere look.

We are three girls who have decided to give up the jobs our higher studies would lead us to and instead we followed our passion and intuition. We are glad to have done so as we are today happy and fulfilled people, ready to make our brides equally happy and safe!




– Graduated from the Faculty of Letters of University of Porto, she realized that teaching English would not be a motivating job, so she dropped everything and ran after her dream, the dream of working in a world of beauty and magic. She worked as a national makeup artist at Givenchy but the Jenny Makeup Land project (created in 2010) grew faster than expected and quickly devoted herself to her project only.


– Graduated in Communication and Multimedia from Universidade de Tr·s-os-montes e alto Douro, she divides her time between her two passions, photography and beauty of the brides. Jenny’s sister, she quickly became her right arm and with Jenny Makeup Land growing, it was only right for Joana to join Jenny and together pursue their goal of satisfying brides. With a keen eye for the natural beauty of things, she can easily find practical solutions to beautify everything around her.


– Graduated in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic Institute of C·vado e Ave, Adriana is like Peter Panís Tinker Bell, (a fairy who does everything). She has a special aptitude with everything that is done by hand and that is why she is an excellent make-up artist and hair designer. She was a treinee at Jenny Makeup Land and Jenny quickly realized that she was the person she was looking for and hadnít been able to find! One more fairy for Jenny Makeup Land’s team.

And so Jenny Makeup Landís team was complete, with three minds and six hands in tune, with the same aesthetic ideals and such a special passion for this world of weddings.